Monday, November 17, 2014

Does a Threesome really save your relationship?

This is something I must speak out on because it's like watching the blind lead the blind. I'm regularly on Twitter and its been too many tweets about pleasing your man by giving him a threesome. There is nothing wrong with having a threesome if YOU want one but to do it just to keep someone in your life is just INSANE! I must say this new generation is full of followers instead of leaders. I cannot image the level of insecurity you have to be going through to even consider idea.

Let me be the Leader in some of your lives and tell you that this will never save your relationship but it will ruin it. How could this possibly ruin your relationship? First, you're basically telling him to cheat but you would like to watch. This only lets him know that you're weak and you will be his doormat. Second, it shows that you know that sex with you isn't good so bring someone new in so he can have that lead of intimacy he can't seem to have with you. Keyword YOU'RE BORING!! Lastly, you're helping him find someone he can leave you for. I mean someone who's willing to do a threesome is a freaky person.

I mean how many relationships do you know have survive after a threesome? I don't mean to come across so angry but I just want to shake some of you for even being dumb enough to consider it. A man who loves you will NEVER ask you have a threesome to save your relationship.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Why do Men Cheat?

Why do men cheat? This is the question mostly all women want to know the answer to. I’m no expert but have been in my fair share of failed relationships. I’ve also been on both ends of the receiver (meaning being cheated on and doing the cheating). As woman we possess this thing called intuition but we never seem to accept the clues and warning that it gives us. We live in denial because we do not want to believe that someone who we love and suppose to love us back could do something like this. Well I’m here to tell men cheat (not all) but most. I’m going to be listing some reasons I feel why the cheat to begin with. Now you can either accept it or keep living in denial.

 1. Lack of Intimacy - Yes men are very sexual beings and I don’t care if he worked all day he’s going to want some loving when he gets home. Now, if you’re like most women you work also then you have the kids, the housework, and dinner to prepare so you’re too tired to even think about sex.

 2. You cheated first so he wants revenge – I know this reason seems so petty but hey it’s a reason they will use to gratify cheating. They’re thinking “she did it to me so I’m just giving her a taste of her own medicine” or “We’ll be even after this.”

 3. Boredom – He’s tired of having plain old missionary sex with you in your flannel nightgown and rollers in your hair. He’ll even refuse sex because he knows (or feels) that you’re just as bored with the sex as he is hence the ugly sleepwear. These don’t seem like a lot of reasons to make him want to cheat but in his eyes it’s PLENTY.

 So now that you have read my reasons for why he cheats let me tell you what you can do to help keep him from cheating.

 • Make the effort to be intimate with your man even if you’re tired. I mean would you rather be tired or at your mom’s or friend’s house crying your eyes out. If the relationship is worth having then save it. Pussy is power.

 • We live in a technology world send your man some sexy pics while he’s at work to remind him of what he has at home. I personally like sending nudes it excites him and keeps his focus on the task at him *wink *wink

 • Sex is EVERYWHERE!! Have you tried either to watch porn with him or make your own? Now I would advise if you’re going to make your own be sure to save it on a USB drive and put it somewhere no one but you two can find it. I mean I seen the movie Sex Tape and you do not want it getting on the internet.

 • Try role playing. Every man fantasizes about some sort of naughty nurse or teacher. You can go to a local adult store and get sexy clothes. Don’t forget the heels! It’s something about seeing a women wear heels that drive men CRAZY! The higher the better but not if you can’t wait in them. You can also take exotic dance lessons. These lessons are becoming very popular because you look sexy while getting a workout.

 At the end of the day it all if you’re man has cheated on you deciding to stay is up to you. If you feel that there’s no coming back from what he has done then by all means leave but if you feel or think he has learn his lesson then try to work it out. I’m not saying sweep what he has done to you under the rug but make a list of everything good and bad he’s done. If the bad outweighs the good leave if not stay and work it out.